Mar 19, 2018

How To Join Stakerrs Prosperity Club Investment And Get Returns

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Stakerrs Prosperity Club was derived from the word *"stakeholders"*. Hence the name *Stakerrs* was formed.

The VISION of Stakerrs Prosperity Club is to bring Amazon to Africa for the first time ever.

Amazon is the largest online store in the world., Inc., doing business as Amazon is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington

Founded: July 5, 1994; 23 years ago

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Founder: Jeff Bezos

Operating income: US$4.186 billion (2016)

Amazon is a world-class business organization.

They have Bonds, Stocks, and Investments.
Amazon, stakerrs, business, investment,

Is A Scam? 

*Brief history of this opportunity*

*Stakerrs investment club is powered by MAKEEZ GLOBAL CONCEPT LIMITED a brand marketing company registered with CAC number RC862177 and with head office at OGBA Lagos.*

Makeez Global Concept Limited is the patent company that is in affiliation with Amazon.

Makeez Global Concept Limited has been in the business of Corporate Client Services.

They are Events managers for top class companies over the years.

Makeez Global Concept Limited became an affiliate marketer to Amazon in 2014.

Makeez Global Concept Limited has been investing in Amazon since 2014. As at then, it wasn't open to the general public here in Nigeria.

Haven seen the sustainability and reliability they have experienced with Amazon, Makeez Global Concept Limited founded Stakerrs Prosperity Club around it to enable you and me to have a platform through which we can invest and get returns.

Stakerrs Prosperity Club has been open to the public for investment since May 2017.

We have about 5000 active investors at the moment.


*Note* - Stakerrs is an indirect investment in Amazon that Pays up to 20% directly into ur local bank account every 2 weeks for ten months.

*Invest in Classic #60,000.*
*then U start getting paid 12k every 2 weeks. 24k every month. That's #240,000 for 10 months.*

*Invest in Premium Package #300,000.*
*then u start getting paid 60k every 2 weeks. 120k monthly. That's 1.2million in 10 months.*

*3. VIP (Gold) PACKAGE*
*Invest in VIP (Gold) Package #1 million.*
*then U start getting paid 200k every 2 weeks. 400k monthly. That's 4 million in 10 months.*

The first 14 days is like a waiting period meant for sourcing for a free stakerrs branded product for you. Use my ID in your referral box SK8454C


For more details on how to go about it call/WhatsApp me 08063468360, add me on facebook; Giwa Alaba Innocent. 

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