Mar 8, 2018

Sugar Daddy is by account balance, not by age – OAP Dami Elebe

Nigerian OAP Dami Elebe has joined a lot of other social media users on the trending ‘Sugar Daddy’ topic. According to her, being considered a sugar daddy is not by age, but by the money in the bank.

Dami Elebe believes sugar daddies are not just supposed to be elderly men with white beards, even young men can also be considered as sugar daddies as long as the money is available to spend.

She made the post on twitter and just as usual, her followers reacted to the story with some lending their supports and some bashing her at the same time.

In her post she wrote: 'Sugar Daddy is not by age, it is by account balance…'

The OAP who had had previous experience with body-shamers due to her body size, once mentioned that even though she used to be hurt by their words, but now she is not affectd by anything they say to her. In a tweet she sent on twitter sometimes around last year, Dami Elebe said:

“The only reason I am desensitized to body shaming comments about me is because people have said it to damn much. At a point, it hurt but as I am now… It’s nothing” she tweeted at the beginning of her Twitter thread.

Dami Elebe’s series of tweets wasn’t only about her. She encouraged people to talk about how they handled their physical insecurities.

“Help someone overcome an insecurity they get teased about by tweeting about how you overcame yours” she tweeted.

Dami Elebe however didn’t allow the words of body-shamers to sink into her only, she also took steps to ensure that she stays in good shape.

“We all have our insecurities. My fat belly annoys me because I love crop tops so much. So until I lose the belly by work or by knife, Imma rock a crop top, however, I can. Case in point my Avi. #Secured” She said.

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