Mar 27, 2018

5 Tips For Successful Relationships

 "5 Tips For Successful Relationships!"

 "Love conquers all, right?" Well---- it's supposed to. But most marriages will end in divorce. Most of their problems are about the children, money, or in-laws. When couples commit to a long relationship, there are specific personality traits they should have in common.
 1. Similiar physical texture (thick skinned/thin-skinned)
 2. Similiar emotional stability
 3. The similar degree of tolerance
 4. Similiar intelligence/understanding of situations
 5. Similar Interests

 Without these five traits, the couple lives on different planes, different worlds. They are inclined to drift apart. Couples grow by adjusting to their differences, but sometimes, the amount of the difference may be too much. Love provides the reason for being willing to adjust to the other person's difference from yours.

 A frequent question is; "How do I know it's real love?" The answer may be that when you are enjoying something special - ex: a movie, a sunset, flower, song, and you long to have your partner to share it with. The degree of longing will determine how much in love you are.

 Growth in a relationship should come from; doing things together, allowing things to happen, accepting them as is, and changing what you can. It involves sharing and caring.

 Couples usually don't mind working at their relationship as long as they have a closeness to each other. They don't want a divorce, they want to understand. Divorce is usually a rebellion at not being able to get through to each other. The couple is still in love, that's why it hurts so much to part.

 There is a story of a couple who had been engaged for seven years. The young lady didn't have the courage to commit. They had their personalities profiled and learned to adjust to each other's personalities. They understood each other as individuals and their relationship flourished.

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