Dec 4, 2017

Young Man Excited After Traveling Miles To Meet 80-Year-Old Pensioner He Met Online

A young man from Harlem, New York, Spencer travelled to visit 86-year-old Roz, who lives in a retirement home in Florida after meeting her online. According to reports, the pair had never met in real life, but had forged an online relationship thanks to a game called Words With Friends.

Spencer, 22, posted pictures of their meet up to Twitter. He said they started “randomly” playing the online game, which pits two people together in a Scrabble-like contest, and have played 324 games.

Spencer said: “So last summer I randomly met this 80 y/o woman on Words With Friends. We played 300+ games together and she actually ended up becoming a good friend of mine.”

Spencer and Roz’s meeting was made possible by New York pastor Amy Butler, who managed to help them get together.

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