Dec 28, 2017

See Photos As Argentina Coach Dragged Out In Public After Insulting A Police Officer

Argentina manager Jorge Sampaoli had to be dragged away by friends as he turned on police at a traffic stop. According to reports, the coach insulted one of the officers after the vehicle he was in was pulled over as he returned from his daughter Sabrina’s wedding.
Local reports said he lost his temper after being told some of the eight people in the Ford Focus had to get out because it was too full.
Sampaoli, a passenger in the vehicle, could be overhead shouting at one of the officers as he headed back to his hotel on foot: ‘You make me walk two blocks, a**hole. ‘You earn 100 pesos (£4.20) a month, idiot.’

The video footage, taken by the driver of a car behind Sampaoli’s vehicle, was going viral in the football manager’s native Argentina on Tuesday.

The incident happened around 5.30am on Sunday in Casilda, the coach’s home city which is in the province of Santa Fe around an hour’s drive from Rosario where Lionel Messi comes from.

The woman driver of the Ford Focus passed a breath test before officers insisted the vehicle couldn’t continue with so many people inside.

Federico Censi, a city Councillor in charge of public safety, told local paper La Capital the car was allowed to continue after some of its passengers including Sampaoli got out.
He is said to have walked the rest of the way back to a four-star hotel he was staying at in the center of the city, named as the Hotel Cuatro Plazas.

La Capital said the coach’s brother Marcelo had apologized to officials afterwards in a phone call. Sampaoli has now left Casilda to begin a short holiday.

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