Oct 6, 2017

"He Beat Me Like A Dog" – Pregnant Lady Battered By Her Baby-Daddy Cries Out

A pregnant victim of domestic violence by a man whom she already had a baby with, shared graphic pics of her wounds as a result of the attack.

The lady identified simply as Kidd Aj, who is reportedly pregnant, took to social media to share her story and photos of her bloodied face, as a result of abuse by her baby-daddy.

She shared the photos and wrote:
"This nigga jus beat me like a dog.. Most f*cked up part is I didn't even throw the first hit.

"Oh and I'm pregnant with this Nigga second child but obviously nobody gaf. This is the first this nigga ever put his hands on me & this will Be the LAST. I left & I'm not Lookin Back."

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