Apr 29, 2017

APC Rejects Former Abia Gov. T.A Orji – Right of Reply

Our attention has been drawn to a canard – with the headline – vide ut supra, credited to a former Speaker, Abia State House of Assembly, Mr. Stanley Ohajiruka, wherein he deliberately wants to give respiration to down for the count Abia State All Progressive Congress (APC), with Senator T.A Orji’s gargantuan political image.

Though we appreciate how desperately he and his allies want to get out of political oblivion through APC and how essential it is to first make the party acceptable to Abians, doing so with the illusion that a juggernaut and political game changer like Senator Orji will consider dumping PDP for APC is tantamount to action in escapism.
Senator Orji is an institution in Abia State and much more popular than Abia APC and its members put together. His ambition is too enormous to be actualized in a party which domiciles individuals he defeated severally in elections and subdued ad infinitum politically.

Instead of this gross exhibition of fanfaronade and phony intrepidity, we advise Ohajiruka and others of that ilk to show compunction, humble themselves before Senator Orji to see how they can be readmitted to the PDP and their political career invigorated.

We understand how Abia APC wishes to have Sen. Orji in its fold as such move will give immediate respiration to it and make it a party to beat in Abia State. But as the aphorism goes, if wishes were horses’ beggars will ride.

Signed: Don Norman Obinna
Media Adviser to Sen. T.A Orji

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