Mar 29, 2017

Kenya Richest Socialite, Vera Sidika Flaunts A Bracelet Worth University Degree School Fees

Vera Sidika is one wealthiest Kenya socialite. She is fund of intimidating her fellow socialites when it comes to riches. As Kenya richest socialite, she is commonly referred to as the Kim Kardashian of Africa, Vera Sidika, a social guru is never afraid of showing off what she owns.

 Vera is known for her higher standards and has been busy of late and she seems to be working on something bigger according to her snapshots. Is Sidika building a new mansion that we don’t know whereabouts?
She, Sidika, has left Kenyans cursing after she flaunted a bracelet worth half a million.

A fellow colleague make's this statement after seeing Sidika’s expensive bracelet. “Where did we go wrong? Why is God being choosy? Kwani huyu Vera huokota pesa?” 

How? Vera is a smart lady and she never wastes time and any opportunities that come's her way. Wewe endelea kungojea endorsements instead of working smart.

Below is a video of Vera Sidika showing off her expensive bracelet. My question is, would you spend such ransom amount of on jewelry?

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