Jan 5, 2017

New Message To All Givers Forum Participant - Read Charefully


Dear Great Givers,

Compliments and thumbs up for the selfless work you do in the community. You are simply the best.

With the rate at which the black sheep in this community keep uploading fake POP and tarnishing the good names of the community and their uplines, we are constrained to announce that a drastic measure has just been arrived at, to curtail their senseless activities.

Givers Forum is a serious community of good and great minds. These people perpetrating evil acts were brought in by somebody and what sense does it make for you to keep inviting all manner of criminals into your house just because you want people to live with you. Uplines should be responsible enough as to control the people in their teams, no man of integrity will keep associating himself with wicked souls, it will come back to haunt everybody as we are witnessing already. We are all therefore given one week from today 5th January 2017 to clean up our referral list.

We strongly advise that all members call up everybody that got registered as their direct referrals, ask them to pay up for any fake tellers uploaded if they have not been detected yet, cancel their pending PHs and voluntarily withdraw from the community if they are no longer interested. After this effort, please submit a list of members in your team who you can no longer trust as committed participants for immediate removal from the community (Send their names, phone numbers and email to delete@giversforum.org latest by 15th January 2017).

Please note that from 16th January 2017 henceforth, any failure to pay up pledges (failed transactions) or record of fake POP will lead to:

1. Total Removal of such culprit participant from the system immediately the time expires

2. Total Cancellation of all bonuses on the direct upline's earnings (Any bonus found on the earnings of such upline leaving only his pledges)

3. The upline be placed on the watchlist etc.

No one is forced to Provide Help, why making pledges you cannot keep? This system has given us so much in such a short time, it’s time we give back to it by standing so strong to defend what we have and prove to the world that bad Nigerians are not that many, the good ones are much more in physical number. Let’s go back to the good old days when it was a shame for anyone to be found untrustworthy in a society. We can win this war if we all get united to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Let’s remain calm and go about doing good while we achieve a total clean up, there’s nothing to be agitated about when it comes to money for those who live above money. Remember Givers Forum is purely an online peer to peer program with no physical existence, it’s only members who will determine its lifespan. It will stay for as long as we want it to. Givers Forum is helping Nigeria get out of recession with many more people having access to funds to create businesses, employ hands, build dreams etc so we can’t afford to let it down now. IT IS IN YOUR HANDS.

God bless us all.

To register go to giversforumoffice.net and fill it out. In place of referral, you can use my email which is marygrossman23@gmail.com. Note don't leave it empty.

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