Jan 1, 2017

Givers Forum Re-shape How You Can Make Money Easily In 2017: Read The Message


Congratulations, you’re counted among the living, against all odds you’re still standing tall. Welcome to 2017 tagged OUR YEAR OF RADICAL ACTIONS.

God indeed has been so merciful to us all, despite and in spite of all the storms and unwarranted attacks, this community is still here. They predicted many things would happen but who will say a thing and it comes to pass when the Lord Himself has not said it?.

Givers Forum has helped us to prove a point that nothing is wrong with Nigerians as a people, great things can happen in Nigeria and last forever especially when the people have made up their minds. They say it cannot endure and will soon crash, we say they should allow God to determine that. Many communities like Red Cross, Boys Brigade, Lions Club, Rotary Club, FGBMF etc came to Nigeria, Nigerians made them work and they are still growing up till this day. We can make this also last as long as we want. As long as people’s emancipation is at the center of it, God has the duty to sustain it.

We want to specially thank all of you whose faith has never shaken for once even in the darkest hours, it shows you have overcome the power of money in your life, you looked beyond the imperfections, system failures and incessant external aggressions, you stood for Givers Forum, God will surely stand for you in 2017 and beyond. Those who are driven by money will keep chasing after it from one program to another but for some of us, until a man finds something he can die for, he has nothing to live for. Together we will keep building the Nigeria of our dreams, there’s no looking back.

Once again, please be rest assured that all issues with accounts shall be cleared no matter how long it has lingered. Our Technical Team are seriously working round the clock to make sure the community is sanitized and convenient enough for sane people, they will definitely work on it all and you will still not lose a dime in Givers Forum. For any unresolved issues, open a ticket on your PO and patiently wait for it to be treated. Amnesty has been declared for the evil minded people so everyone can start on a clean slate in the New Year, we hope by this, they will change their minds and stop painting Nigerians black in the eye of the world. Change now and let’s enjoy this special gift from God together.

Having tested the waters in 2016 and being able to affect as many lives as possible, rekindle hopes in many homes, we are now more than bold enough to launch into the real assignments. Listed below are some of the programmes lined up for the first quarter of the year 2017, we seriously pray you find something more fundamental to do beyond mere money making and trading.


While the Christmas bonus of 20% per week stays till the end of January 2017, the participant with the most new registrations of direct active downlines from today 1st January 2017 to March 31st shall emerge the GIVER OF THE QUARTER and shall win a BRAND NEW KIA PICANTO (Already donated by a radical giver) You too can volunteer to donate something for such winner.  Please note that only newly registered members with no issue during the competition period shall be counted. Remember, If you don’t need a brand new car, don’t contest. Winner shall be announced on April 5th and the car presentation done during our 2017 Easter Picnic.

For registration and more information call or message 08063468360


In partnership with some organisations such as GIONI HOMES, EMPIRE ESTATES, INITIATIVE FOR AFFORDABLE AND COMFORTABLE HOUSING etc, our dream of providing adequate and comfortable shelter for our members is fully taking off this January. Construction will start in some sites across Nigeria immediately, all you need do is to deposit 10% of the value of the house, move in after 18months and spread the balance over 10years. If you pay up to 60% within the 18months, the 40% balance will be waved off for you. If you’re interested in owning a house in the next 18 months, kindly send a mail to projects@freedomnigeria.info detailing your location, the state you want and your desired payment plan. The available projects in that state will be sent to you in reply and other necessary information.

For further enquiries, please call these numbers to be part of the housing projects going on in any of the states (Strictly for housing issues please)

LAGOS – 0806 425 6240

ABUJA – 0813 717 6312, 0708 142 8642

OGUN – 0806 425 6240

RIVERS – 0805 687 2659

We enjoin those who have access to land anywhere in Nigeria and will like to do partnership to please let us know via the email above (projects@freedomnigeria.info) so we can cater for the housing needs of more members across board.


Nigerians are not condemned to only drive tokunbo cars, more people can buy brand new cars and save themselves the stress of incessant visits to mechanic shops and other emotional traumas. You pay only 10% of the car value and take possession in one year or 20% and take possession in 6months (Balance to be spread over 5years). Look for the car of your choice, get the invoice from the dealer, send to the project manager with your proof of payment and filled form. The car will be ready as scheduled. Please send mail to projects@freedomnigeria.info or call 0708 142 8642 for more information.


In partnership with GLO, we now have a CUG line which will enable participants communicate with their team members with ease. Hotlines have been set up for prompt attention to issues and adequate resolutions. You have free unlimited calls and text messages for N500 per month, activation cost is N1,000 only. Activation takes 72hrs. If you are interested, please make a payment of N1,000 into:


Bank: Access Bank

Account No: 0723192185

Immediately after payment, send your details, attaching the proof of payment to cug@giversforum.org you will get a new sim or you send your old number for activation.

Call 08056872659 for enquiries.


Come January 26th through 28th 2017, leaders in Givers Forum shall converge on Abuja for a special retreat and Ideas Conference from where STATE COORDINATORS shall emerge. Only participants with at least 20 active downlines who have never defaulted before are expected to be in attendance (Five from each state of the federation). Such participants should have been consistent in providing help at least once a month in the last three months.



If you are interested in representing your state, kindly send an application letter to: retreat@giversforum.org clearly stating why you should be considered for an invitation. All qualified applicants shall be notified of the venue and other logistics by the 2nd week of January.

It’s crystal clear that if we all don’t pay attention to leadership recruitment process in Nigeria, the nation will remain in darkness for long. Those who have will keep terrorising those who don’t using the commonwealth of the people. As we set out to create a new order, to build a just and egalitarian society, the political class must be critically looked at or else all efforts shall become nullity in no distant future. Therefore we announce the commencement of the registration process of the game changer, GIVERS PARTY OF NIGERIA. If you are politically inclined, please consider this as an avenue through which our people will be truly liberated.

The present president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Buhari has been a man not given to greed, he has lived a life of sacrifice so he has raised the bar in governance and so we can’t afford to go below this standard. No greedy man will ever rule us again in any capacity. YES, YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, WE CAN ESTABLISH GIVERS FORUM IDEOLOGY IN ALL SPHERES OF HUMAN ENDEAVOURS. “If You Don’t Need It, Don’t Keep It, Give It Out”

The time is now to rebuild the fallen walls of our dear nation, the time is now to take our destinies into our own hands, time is now to secure the future of the yet unborn generations. It’s our chance, we can’t afford to blow it away. Watch out for more details. In the meantime, if you are willing to be part of this all important movement as a leader or state coordinator, send a mail to gpn@giversforum.org. Qualification: You must be able to set up an office in your state of abode.


Great Givers, as you can see, Givers Forum is not a business like many call it, it’s a MOVEMENT for social justice and redistribution of wealth in the society. The year 2017 is not an ordinary year for those who are truly called to lead their generation, its one year Nigeria will begin to live her full potentials, we on this side are so excited about this golden opportunity and will be so glad to work with you all the way. Please let’s bond together and make sense of our existence here on earth. Poverty does not know religion, creed, colour, language or tribe. We are connected by our common need for TOTAL FREEDOM, henceforth, we should jointly resist any attempt by our captors to divide us by planting fear in us using their normal antics. WHEN MORE GOOD PEOPLE COME TOGETHER, BAD PEOPLE WILL BE SUBDUED. You are the good people Nigeria needs at this moment to break free, please don’t let her down. Join any of our programmes that makes sense to you, if you can’t find one, don’t worry, more are still in the pipeline, just stay tuned. In 2017 go for your dreams like never before. THINK big, START small but ACT fast, God will surely send you destiny helpers.

Once again, we wish you a very happy new year as we welcome you to the dawn of a new era.

Keep Giving, Keep Growing and Keep being the answer your generation needs.

God bless us all.

From all of us in Service.

- giversforum

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