Dec 21, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reviews:Things you didn't know about

 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 pre-ordering, news and features you need to knew about. Samsung mobile Phones with very large curved screen of 5.7 inch, has an S Pen stylus, and is powered with a super efficient battery. 
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Released date
Before now, there has be rumors flying in the internet about the release date of this amazing Samsung's brand. But the real date which is set for the release of the Galaxy Note 7 in US is August 19. Which was also the same as in Australia.

Three days after its release in U.S.A and Australia, it was launched in UK. That was September 2. 

NOTE! Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Pre-orders In the UK was launch in August 16.

The price of the Galaxy Note 7 in the US is between $834-$880 (varies by carrier) a month on device payment plans with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint Carriers.

 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reviews:Things you need to know 

Without a contract, it's anywhere from $834 (T-Mobile and Sprint) to $880 (AT&T).

Sprint only will offer old two-year contracts in exchange for $350 upfront.

The Note 7 price in UK is £700. 
And in Australia is AU$1,349.

But if you Pre-order in other stores, you'll receive a bonus: either a Samsung Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker or a Samsung 256 GB microSD card, your choice. Just do shoping around.

Advices of all time is that people should distinguish phone for work and for entertainment. Galaxy S7 is for entertainment, just like iPhone and many others mobile phones. Note is for work. So many user now get confuse after upgrading to S7 from Note 3. 

 That pen, is very much amazing, if you are a businessman. You need it to explain to your client, you need it to take note when you meet clients. You need it to sketch your design. 

You need it to draw component, you need it to draw your flowchart, you need it to illustrate your point. You need it to take moments of meeting. You need it to to tell your audience graphically.

Try to tell your customer which object connect easily with sentences. 7 symbols, and few lines between them will show their relationship, you have to write a full page for that diagram. 
So, I think you are really missing the point of having a note. Perhaps, one day when you have throw your tablet and laptop, you'll appreciate what note gives you. I do, since after I owned note 2, I only carry one thing in my pocket, and one thing only. Galaxy Note. It holds my rfid keys, my cards, my meeting moments, my drawings, my reminders, my business secrets, CCTV videos, my signed contract agreements, and many other thing. With this one device, I don't need any tablet nor notebook, not even agenda or scrap paper and definitely not a traditional pen.
The other person can also see things in this way.
As a rabid fan of the Note series, I'm stunningly disappointed in this release. Samsung has again crippled this phone, as they did with the Note 5. How so?

1) No removable battery is a *terrible* thing to do to a phone, saddling users with a battery that degrades from day 1 (even more so when using quick-charge technology) and no way to replace the battery without a huge bill. Plus, no matter how fast your fast charging tech is, it can't go from 0% to 100% in less than 30 seconds like the Note 4 can. 

If LG can find a way to keep removable batteries (and it's done it well with the G5, and with the almost-ready V20) then Samsung has NO excuse. When your battery dies and you're not lugging your charger & cord, and close to an outlet... enjoy your $1000 paperweight.

2) Removing the IR blaster for TV/Stereo/etc remote control is hugely aggravating. The Note 3 and 4 were excellent universal remote devices, and now we're back to 4 remotes sliding down the couch cushions next to the popcorn kernels. Great.

3) Removing the shatter-proof back of the phone, replacing with glass that often breaks when dropped. I swear if I hear one more wanna-be hipster saying "but muh premium materials!" I'll grab him by the man-bun. Seriously, tech journalists are *just* as guilty for making this an issue, when it simply is not. Hey newsflash: Your $1000 phone belongs in a case!! And now your fancy premium finish (which you just sacrificed several key features for) is moot. Happy now??

4) Only 4GB RAM. Seriously Samsung? Google is about to release the first ever version of Android which properly supports real multi-tasking (where RAM is key), and you give us the same tired 4 Gigs of RAM as last year's phone?? When it's proven possible to go 6 Gigs, because that's what you're releasing in CHINA??? Wow. Just wow.

5) Only 64GB onboard storage. Again, in 2016 this is a crime. Yes, you can add a 256GB microSD card but really, in a flagship phone, 64 is a minimum, not a maximum spec.

So there are 5 key areas that the Note 7 is seriously flawed, and very arguably a downgrade from the Note 4. But Techradar's review calls it the perfect phone... Seriously? LG's V20 flagship (removable battery, IR blaster, second screen, Quad DAC hi-fidelity audio, Android Nougat, etc etc) is shaping up to be a MUCH better phone, if you can live without the stylus. Save your money and wait for the V20.

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