Nov 11, 2016

UFC champion Conor McGregor fined $150k after he tries to throw a chair at his rival's head during press conference (Photos/Video)

UFC fighter and defending champion of the Featherweight division, Conor McGregor had a heated exchange with rival Eddie Alvarez early Friday morning and has been fined $150k after he took rival, Eddie Alvarez's belt and tried to throw a chair at Alvarez’ ahead of their mega UFC fight on Saturday in New York.

McGregor arrived ten minutes late for the press conference which forced his rival Alvarez to taunt at McGregor's fans in the press room.
“I don’t even have an opponent, where’s your boy, I'll see you guys tomorrow, when he comes give me a call!”
Alvarez then left his own belt on the table and walked out of the press conference. Moments later, McGregor, wearing a fur coat danced to the press conference table and took Alvarez' belt, placing it on his own side of the table.
An angry Alvarez came back to the press conference, and upon seeing McGregor had taken his belt, dragged his belt off McGregor's table and then threw a chair towards McGregor's area.

McGregor, angered by Alvarez's action then picked up the chair and almost threw it at Alvarez's head but had to be held back by UFC organizer Dana White as Alvarez continued to taunt him.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has fined McGregor $150,000 for the fracas.

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