Nov 11, 2016

See Reason Why MMM Nigeria Will Not Crash + Video

 It is impossible for the FG of Nigeria or any other world power for that matter to shot down MMM.
This is for several reasons,

1.MMM servers are the most advanced set of servers in the World... It is accessed by more that 200 million people world wide who visit it At least 2-5 times a day... Yet, the serve is never down.

2. MMM servers are not even hosted in Nigeria, so how can the FG shot it down.

3. MMM has no physical office in Nigeria, so how can the FG shot it down.

4. Participating in MMM isn't illegal and participants are not breaking any law... If donating money to a fellow man is illegal then it means the federal government must be ready to arrest everyone in Nigeria because we all donate money to friends and families but that's obviously impossible.

5. The South African government earlier in the year tried to shot down MMM South Africa on the basis that it is a ponzi scheme but they failed. MMM South Africa participants took the government to court and won the case. The government had to make a withdrawal of some of the negative things they had published about MMM.
Just 2 weeks ago, the president of South Africa came out publicly to advise unemployed youths to embrace MMM.

6. So, in the same way, MMM Nigeria can never be shot down by the FGN. All we need to do is continue our now PH and GH and keep smiling to the bank.
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