Oct 10, 2016

The Mess In The Judicial System Is The Reason People Who Should Be In Jail Are Allowed To Determine The Fate Of Our Country" - Ali Baba

What is bad is bad! and it very bad that is while majority condemn anything that is bad because what seem not good is not good... The mess in the judicial system in the country today is the reason people who should be in jail are allowed to run for high political positions, become ministers, governors, senators, local government chairman and even make law for the country. Imagine a criminal making deciding the fate of a country!

We see in our country today money launder whose properties is suppose to be confiscated and jailed to boot, are the one's who are making law, celebrating all the time.

In the developed country can anyone who is involved in diverting fund that is meant to secure ammunition against war, and used the money for personal goals, while the soldiers who were ill equipped are dying at the battle front and their wives become widowed, be asking for human right cover? After you have caused human lives to be lost, if there is proof that a judge was corrupt, he loses his personality and i believe their is no negotiations.

Can we count the number of people who are walking freely today because of the corrupted judiciary? People who collected fund for a project and fails to render the services are walking freely. 'Nothing dey happen'. A lot of people are in high, high office because of a failed judicial process. Do you know how many pensioners who salaries are not paid died because one man refuse to pay their due. How do we then define perpetual injunction? A lot of people are in jail for different cases in abroad, but the people who were involved in the same case that got them jailed, are highly positioned, in Nigeria!

People who never supplied one liter of Petroleum product but collected subsidies... if there is evidence against the judges, arrest all of them! Some SANs that are shouting now may just be the ones who gave the judges money. That's how they will be frustrating young lawyers who are on the verge of winning a career enhancing case. They will bribe the case in their Favour. Thereby killing the young lawyer's passion and trust in the judiciary! #orruptJudiciary # SANs

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