Oct 19, 2016

Shocking! Car “Tears Free” On Legon Campus, In Ghana. See The Wonders It Made (Photos)

This car was seen gently positioned on a dwarf wall behind James Quartey Building popularly known as JQB at the University of Ghana campus on Tuesday, October 18 afternoon around 2 pm.

All students who view the car expressed shock questioning how the car made its way on the continuous vertical stone structure.
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Source said, the owner of the car who didn’t mention her name told media that she parked the automatic car behind JQB only to return to see it is now on the low toe wall built to retain the slope of an excavation how the car get there is unknown to her.

She could not understand how the car she parked and pulled the handbrake reversed and stopped on the wall now drive itself to different location. She thanked God because it did not hit a car or knock any person.

 Wonders they say shall never end on this planet called earth!

See more amazing photos from the scene.

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