Oct 21, 2016

How to buy home insurance and loan

Every year loan when your home insurance renewal arrives it's tempting to do nothing and let it renew automatically. But don't. loan By spending a few minutes online or on the phone you could easily save yourself enough to pay for a decent holiday. loan
If you unthinkingly renew your home insurance each year over a decade, loan you could easily end up paying more than £1,000 a year for a policy that you could buy for about £250 with exactly the same if not better cover. loan

It's almost unheard of for claims-free people loan switching insurer not to save money, and the longer it is since you last switched, the more you will save. loan

Even if you have made a recent claim, you don't have loan to accept the new higher premium. Other insurers will often take your business at a lower rate. Just explain what happened and how much it cost to put right.

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