Oct 22, 2016

His Royal majesty picked the name Oba Ewuare 2. #Ewuare Ogidigan the Great!!!!💪🏽

#Ewuare N'Ogidigan is arguably the greatest Oba in Edo history. He planted the first Emotan tree before about 2 trees after, Akenzua II commissioned the statue.

He started the Ewere ceremony and the Igue Festival to commemorate his third year of peaceful reign on the throne. He conquered 201 towns and villages and expanded the kingdom. 
He restructured Edo governance. He named the kingdom Edo. May #Ewuare II similarly achieve greatness. Obagha to Okpere! Ise!

A very big congratulations to his Royal majesty Oba Ewuare ll. #Ewuare Ogidigan the Great.
may your your days be fruitful

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