Oct 20, 2016

Chimamanda Adichie Emerge New Face of Beauty Models for UK Makeup Brand

Surprisingly, Chimamanda Adichie, who barely wears makeup has officially emerge as the new face of beauty by a popular pharmacautic chain in the UK and Ireland, Boots.

The award winning writer and feminist is now the new face of Boot’s No7 beauty brand. According toVogue magazine, Chimamanda’s first campaign for the range will be launch this Friday, October 21, with print, online, and TV advertising.
In a video advert, Chimamanda spoke about how she used to fear being taken less seriously because of her love for make-up, which led her to embrace a nude look and later embraced it as part of her own identity.

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Chimamanda’s TED talks have received millions of views across the world, she has three critically acclaimed novels under her belt. A few days ago, she wrote a thank-you note, ‘To The First Lady, With Love’ to US First Lady Michelle Obama for The New York Times T Magazine cover feature.

 Chimamanda Adichie Emerge New Face of Beauty Models for UK Makeup Brand

In the up coming Vogue’s November 2016 Real Issue, in “The New Face Of Beauty” Chimamanda said. . .

    “I think much of beauty advertising relies on a false premise – that women need to be treated in an infantile way, given a ‘fantasy’ to aspire to… Real women are already inspired by other real women, so perhaps beauty advertising needs to get on board.”

    “I love make-up and its wonderful possibilities for temporary transformation. And I also love my face after I wash it all off,” she said. “There is something exquisitely enjoyable about seeing yourself with a self-made new look. And for me that look is deeply personal.

    “It isn’t about what is in fashion or what the rules are supposed to be. It’s about what I like. What makes me want to smile when I look in the mirror. What makes me feel slightly better on a dull day. What makes me comfortable.”

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It look surprise to some people why will Boots chose Chimamanda for the new face of No7 when there are several good models who can influence people more. Well, the truth is, Chimamanda inspired most especislly  the gender who use makeup the most and a simple reminder that beauty is a combination of intellectual and a nicely touched-up face.

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