Oct 30, 2016

Breaking: Nigerian Writes Mark Zuckerberg Via DHL, Accuses Facebook Of Helping Buhari To Crackdown On Opposition Voices In Nigeria

 A Facebook user and a well known and out spoken Buhari Critic with the name Amonia Rita Stewart has written Facebook Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zukerberg, when her Facebook account was blocked and denied access in what she represented as “an undue closure of her account”.
Recall that few days past Facebook deleted the popular Radio Biafra London cluster with over one Million participating Members and additionally removed a number of the BIAFRS/IPOB activists, eg: Uche Mefore.

Amonia highlighted the likelihood of her account being blocked as a result of she may be a critic of the Buhari administration and appealed to Zuckerberg to unblock her account.
Amonia became a sensation together with her usual morning teaser “Morning Tea” that has attracted her 5000 Facebook friends and over 8000 followers. Her video post on “how to create a soup” was shared over 7000 times with quite a hundred,000 views.

Amonia, an unrepentant critic of the Buhari government, suspects that her account may be a victim of the Buhari’s led government’s crackdown on opposition online voices on social media.

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