Oct 21, 2016

BREAKING: Burkina Faso Govt Thwarts Attempted Coup Plot

Burkina Faso’s government said Friday it has thwarted a “vast conspiracy” aiming to overthrow the president and seize power by force.

A group of about 30 men plotted to free prisoners involved in the country’s September 2015 coupe attempt and attack the presidential palace, said Interior Minister Simon Compaore, who is no relation to the ex-leader.
According to the minister, the coup was planned for October 8 and called for detaining “certain authorities”.

Blaise Compaore was forced from power in October 2014 following a popular uprising against his attempts to change the constitution to remain in office.

The attempted 2015 coup was staged by troops from the presidential guard loyal to the ex-leader but was blocked by street protesters and by the army, which attacked the plotters’ barracks.

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