Oct 23, 2016

AY Comedian Urges Buhari To Bring Change, Fight Piracy

AY Comedian Urges Buhari To Bring Change, Fight Piracy
Ace comedian and movie actor, AY has called on the Buhari-led Federal Government to bring the change it promised during its campaign.
The popular comedian also urged the government to curb piracy in the entertainment industry.
AY in a recent interview disclosed that certain security measures must be put to work before this can be achieved.

AY who spoke with Encomium, admitted that the challenge of piracy is alarming.
According to him, piracy is worldwide and is not only in Nigeria. He lamented that the situation is really bad.
AY Comedian said:

“Before you put your work in the cinema, it is already pirated.
“Good enough, they allowed me to enjoy 30 days in Atlanta for 30 days.
“We have done our cinema runs, we have worked out our modalities, though we cannot totally take it out of the picture.
“There would always be somebody who will sell out.
“I am hoping the Federal Government would apply the change they talked about in the movie industry too.
“I live in fear knowing that my movie would be released.
“We believe the security measures we have put in place would work.”

The 30 Days In Atlanta actor further stated that the reason why a lot of comedians are going into movie production was not because stand-up comedy was dying.
AY Comedian Laments About Piracy In Nigeria
AY strongly believes that stand-up comedy is not dying.
According to him, if stand-up comedy is dead, then Hollywood is dead.

He said:
“If you say stand-up comedy is dying because comedians are going into acting, you would be getting it wrong.
“It would mean Hollywood is dead. We can’t say that.
“Steve Havey was doing stand up comedy before now, he is still doing movies as well.”
Speaking about other aspects of entertainment he might venture into in the future, AY disclosed that the only thing he would not do is sing.

AY said:

“Everything is about entertainment. I love to be an encompassing show biz person.
“The only thing I know I wouldn’t venture into is music. I know I can’t sing to save my life.”
AY’s latest movie production, A Trip To Jamaica has been on cinema screens for weeks now, raking in millions.

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