Sep 7, 2016

We Where Force To Converge At Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium We Do Not Support Obaseki – Professional Drivers on Wheels

The outgoing governor of Edo state, comrade Adams Oshiomhole, in his attempt to deceive President Mohammadu Buhari that the administration of APC is popular in the state, today ordered Professional Drivers on Wheels to converge at the Samuel Ogbemudia stadium.

The penalty of failing to attend the rally at the stadium, according to statement by their leader who is an APC stalwart, is confiscation of their vehicles or outright ban from the motor parks across the state.

One of the drivers who deosn't want his name to be mension leak this information and has vowed to revenge what he refers to as intimidation and violation of their fundamental human rights to earn a living.

he added that the commercial drivers in Edo state today are forced to pay personal income tax on a daily basis, which has made them pay more than what most high level workers are paying as tax annually in the state.

‘We hereby call on the civil society and NGO to defend our rights as we have become pawns in Oshiomhole’s Chessboard.”

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