Sep 14, 2016

President Buhari host NYSC members in Daura, Katsina state (photo)

President Buhari received National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) members serving in Daura at his Katsina home during the sallah public holiday, September 13th. Some Nigeria who took to social media reacted differently as the serving NYSC member will some face labour market, visiting president Buhari and snapping photo is just nothing if they could not discus way forward in this haesh economy. Below are some of their comment.

You have time to pay him courtesy visit in this harsh economy? 
You guys should not worry. Time shall tell... By the time you join the labour market you will know the through condition of our economy. Goodluck to you guys. - Smith Anele said

Y'all went to visit him. Instead of telling him the truth that the economy is going worse. Una dey der dey remove cap.una go soon enter labour market. - Spy Academy said

jaydee said...
Enter your so sad our youth are losing It,celebrating hunger and hardship

RareSpecie Z said...
Beautiful Youths 'Suffering n Smiling' (in Abami Eda's voice).

  More photos after the  cut.

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