Sep 8, 2016

Pastor's Wife Thrown Out Her Matrimonial Home By Her In-Laws, Two Weeks After Her Husband's Burial In Abuja

A Facebook user named, Oby Ndukwe have call on pastor Paul Enenche, the Senior Pastor of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, over a claims that his brother’s widow, Grace Anne Enenche, was thrown out of her Abuja base apartment. He is directly quoted below;

"Wife of late Pastor Sam Moses Enenche, brother to maverick Pastor, Paul Enenche of Dunamis International, has been thrown out of her matrimonial home by her in-laws, just two weeks her husband's burial. 

The Enenche family set to strip her off all she shared along with her husband simply because she had no kid for the late Abuja base Pastor. 

In an emotional small shrill voice, twas at midnight, she simply said, "Madam, it is well!". 

What baffles me is why she would be treated even when it as not quite long Dr Paul Enenche died. 

irrespective of their reasons given by her husband's family member, this is purely wickness and unacceptable. 

This is a call to Dr Paul Enenche to intervene before they ruins his reputation as a Man Of God. The Police ought to step in without further delay. Please share until it gets to Dr Paul Enenche."

However, in interview with Idoma Voice, the widow of the late pastor tells why she was thrown out from their Abuja home.

In this the interview as culled by Nollyscoops:
“They said I am free to remarry since their brother (my husband, Sam Moses) is no more. But if I choose to remain unmarried; they will make provision for my welfare, but before then, I will have to go to my mother’s house in Otukpo, Benue State and stay there for six months after which I will to return and work under somebody in my late husband’s ministry, Jesus Glory Chapel here in Abuja.  
According to them, for the six months that I will spend in the village; they will give me N50k only to sustain me throughout,” she explained amid tears and sobs. 

When asked what was her next plan, the widow in her confused state said, “I can’t talk much now my brother. But as we speak I only left the house with just my bag and my late husband’s portrait.”

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