Sep 15, 2016

In My Second Term, One Student Will Be Entitle To One Tablet - President Mahama

Carrying so many books to school era have passed. As soon as he come into power in this December 7 election, his administration will convert those bunch of books into an electronic  module.

Each Students will be entitle to a tablets that will contain all their core causes on the tablet. If student can use it conveniently, mean their plan work, they will expand the programme he noted.  

President Mahama of ghana assured that there will be a lot to see in education sector if they will support him as he bids for second term in December 7, general election.

"We will accept the teachers who will be posted to the rural areas and provide accommodation for them , " he added .

The President made this Declaration in NDC 2016 , Tuesday's highlights famous.

Nursery teacher training colleges

When the election took a Mahama -led government we will establish a College of Education to train teachers in early childhood care .

According to President Mahama , " our commitment in my second term is to establish a College of Education to train teachers for the sole purpose of early childhood care and development. What we have done is that we 've added to our nursery school system for two years.

 Unfortunately, although we are in the training of teachers elementary, middle and high school , we are not learning the training of teachers of young children , so it is usually done by the day-care staff , in general , if you give the child a good start in kindergarten, they are able to maintain it throughout the education. Therefore, we must establish a College of Education who will train from more than four years ' specialized training in early child a teacher

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