Sep 2, 2016

“I’m Too Mature To Reply Bullet Of Ruff N Smooth’s immature Act”

Ghanaian Music Producer and creator, “Just Ice” name was cleared once after series of heated argument and revelation on Pluzz FM showbiz morning show, AM Pluzz show yesterday, thirtieth August 2016 on allegations threaten to murder one in all his former signed artistes “Religion”.

But after Just Ice and Religion long and heated discussion with Sammy Flex AM Pluzz, it came to light that an accusation Religion could not be validated.

It was revealed that only the ice over the years, in addition to his administrative duties from financial and material facilities for Religion, everything can not be said about most managers in the country.

He pointed out how ungrateful religion is after all the help he gave him Over the years, he have come up with defamation and other Unfounded accusations.

On the issue of the threat of religion found that only Ice never Such threats, but told him after all the money he had spent, as he comes to ask him again for money, he will call the spirits mind to go with him. "

Speaking to Just Ice on the issue that he disclosed;

"As I said today at Pluzz FM, I have no more interest in religion and his musical career, but honestly I felt very disappointed actions or" Bullet "or Ruff and Smooth for throwing his hands on me, but I was too mature to take revenge for such childish acts.

My management and I have decided this drama behind us and focus more on my music career and business. "
Ice has just released a new single "Dab" and plan to release very soon the video freely.

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