Sep 2, 2016

I Am Not The Only Celebrity In Ghana, Talk About Others - Yvonne Nelson

It comes to a point in the country, where all the attention is focused on a celebrity.
A person in the entertainment industry who already enjoy a lot of buzz in the media and citizens actress Yvonne Nelson.
If her words are to be taken somewhat seriously, she has plenty of Ghanaians express ideas they had always told her. She told Hitz FM MzGee that Ghanaians should turn their attention to other public figures/celebrity in the country, because everything can not always be about her.

She said people follow her much trying to figure out what she does.
"People are still worried about who I hanging out with, what I wear, where I sleep, what I post on Instagram, I do not understand.

Charley we are much, so let them go after others or can't they talk about other people? I'm just tired every time it has to be me" she said.

She admitted that her Ghanaians helped boost her career. "I loved it. I think it helped me to achieve my purpose whether in small or great way, because gossip is all part of the job. I love doing it. Sometimes I wake up and I see nothing about me and I'm like" I'm safe? Is everything OK?"

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