Sep 14, 2016

Amazing!!! Team mates who were instructed to act as a couple finally get married (Photos)

26-year-old Yang Liu and 27-year-old Li Jisheng's started out of duty as the two members of the SWAT team of Hebi city, in central China’s Henan Province, they both were instructed by their seniors to pretend to be a couple during their operations.

The Chinese team mate succeeded in faking it till they finally making it. They recently tied the knot, and their wedding pictures, which depicted them in combat gears and civilian attire has gone viral.

According to the newly-wed bride, “Their reason for taking wedding photos in army style comes from the fact that this is how we knew each other and fell in love, and I think it showed our authentic lifestyle as members of the SWAT team,” he said. More photo after the cuts;

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