Sep 8, 2016

16 years Of PDP And Less Than Two Years Of APC, See The Difference!

Comparing President Goodluck jonathan And President Buhari Administration, 16 years of PDP government and Less than two years of APC, read what the masses have to say;

 They said he paid subsidy to the tune of 2 trillion naira. This he did for 5 years. In addition, there was massive corruption and stealing of public funds, so they said. Yet he was able to maintain single digit inflation. He was able to maintain a 6% GDP growth. 

He made Nigeria the biggest economy in Africa and the first foreign investment destination all over the world. Salaries were paid regularly and promptly. Bag of rice was 7k, dollar was N170. Petrol was N87. He funded SureP, YouWin, foreign Scholarship, etc. 

He was able to reduce food import by over N700b by massively investing in agriculture. He funded Amnesty and protected pipelines. He constructed railway lines and about 25,000 kilometers of road. He gave ASUU/universities about N500b outside the budgetary allocation for education. He provided security and defeated boko haram at the time the global community allowed him access to weapons. Nigerians did not eat grass neither did they exchange their children for food.

No one wrote a suicide note to him. In all of these, little did Nigerians appreciated him. Now, there is no subsidy, there is no corruption. It means all our public funds are intact. Despite that, our economy is in recession. No food, no water, no road construction going on, no light, etc. Inflation has risen from 7% to 18%. Our economy dropped from Number one in africa to number 15. Petrol is now 145 naira and there is plan to increase it to 200 naira. Bag of rice is 22k, dollar is N420. Salaries are not paid, over 5 million jobs lost without creating any. Boko haram, Avengers and IPOB have intensified insecurity. Everything have gone from bad to worst. 

There is only one thing that is the difference between the first and the second. It is called Incompetence. Some will call it Cluelessness. Others say it is lack of preparedness. Some others says it is an effect of brainlessness and deafness. The whole gamut of government displays aloofness. Confusion reigns supreme. Nigeria has become a pun and comedy in the hands of minors. It functions on auto pilot. As it stands, Nigeria doesn't have a govt. Lets tell them the truth. They have totally destroyed the future of the young ones. Everything achieved in 16yrs have been destroyed in less than a year by the association of past and present criminals.

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