Aug 15, 2016

Following Bill Gates donation of $1m+ food item, farming tools to Borno state citizen, some Nigeri reacted

Some Nigerians reacted over the kind gesture Bill Gate geared in the live of the Bornu state citizen. Red some of their comment below:

Freeborn bamislam suani ahmad bamislam said... What a waste. Can this make shettima to release the scam chibok girls in his underground? Can this change the hausa wicked heart to good heart huh? Can this stop there touch children or pedophiles and terrorism life huh. FREEBORN WEPT.
bill gate stop wasting Christians money on ungrateful human beings.

@michigo_san said...These food materials that bill gate brought are all artificial genetic farm products like clones produced in the lab and they are not encouraged in nigeria ... he is running this project in ignorant African countries and these hungry fools just accepted without doing research!!!!!
please be careful what you receive as free!!!
What did you think about this kind heart man who uses his hard earn money, resources to support live? Even if it is a fake product, how about the money involve? Just use the comment box to share your opinion.

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