Aug 15, 2016

Will Resist Islamization, We Will Fight With The Last Drop Of Our Blood - Christian Leader

Christian leaders in the Nigeria have raised alarm over possible consequences that may arise from the current economy hardship in the country, warning that if things are not done appropriately and urgently, it might lead to dis-orderliness.

The Christian leaders, who converged in Abuja during the weekend at the inaugural meeting of retired leaders of major Catholic denominations in Nigeria under the After Service Leadership Forum (ASLF), said insecurity, hunger, despair and hardship in the land is becoming unbearable.

They vowed to resist any attempts by President Muhammadu Buhari Government to Islamise Nigeria,warning that the aftermath could lead to a religious crisis in the country.

The immediate past Prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Sunday Makinde, who spoke to journalists after the meeting, specifically accused President Buhari of being biased in the way he has made recent political appointments.

He said: “The situation of the country right now has become taut. He further advise, Nigerians to be patient. We have been preaching it for so many years. You do not expect something that has been battered for so many years to be fixed immediately. Let us assist this government in prayer.

“I will advice the president to listen to voice of Nigerians. He should not be partisan in his appointments. He should avoid religious or political partisanship. He has said he does not belong to anybody. Let him put that statement in practice. Nigeria belongs to all of us. Nigerians vote him in.

“It appears Buhari belongs to some people that he favours. Let him consult before he makes appointments. Consultation is very important. I am not interested in appointments. There is poverty in the land. There is frustration, insecurity and hunger in the land. People are in despair. Will Resist Islamization - They said.

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