Jul 25, 2016

T.B Joshua Revealed Shocking Secret Behind His Power

Prophet T.B. Joshua, founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), revealed the secret behind his powers.

According to him "I could not have succeeded if am using demonic powers to deceive foreigners to flocking into the church.

In an interview with The News, the prophet stressed that his mission would not be thriving if it wasn’t from God, he said: “Right now I am talking to you, there are over 400 foreigners from 10 different countries here. Are these people being deceived, destroyed or killed (as my detractors alleged)? If I have been using occultic power, the congregation here will not increase. If my mission here is not of God, it won’t stand just as Gamaliel said. When people have their problems solved or they have salvation, they tell others”.

In his reaction to critics about he uses demonic or occult power, he quoted from the book of Act of Apostles thus: “The early Christian preachers were being disturbed by the Pharisees, Sadducees and the High Priests in the Synagogue and the Temple in Jerusalem.”

He also revealed that he attended 10 different secondary schools under a year. Adding that, “I don’t want to go into that. But I thank God”.

He also reacted to allegations that he was born a Moslem, he insisted: “I was born a Christian, my parents were Christians.The only connection I had with Muslims was that I attended Ansar-Ud-Deen school, Ikare, which include the ten (10) different secondary schools i attended under one year.”

On allegations that a certain Kaduna Mallam or palmist thought him magic, the prophet asked: “If somebody taught you how to do something, will you be greater than he is? Tell me, somebody taught you how to write, can you beat that teacher? Can you beat that teacher? Can you beat your editor-in-chief in writing? Where then is the Mallam?”

About a week ago, top Ghanaian boxer, Ayitey Powers, has described T. B. Joshua as the “second Jesus Christ”.

In a video on Facebook, Ayitey Powers accused Pastor Owusu Bempah who criticise Prophet T.B Joshua that he is a false prophet.

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