Jul 10, 2016

Group blast President Muhammadu Buhari over the removal of Ibe Kachikwu Group Managing Director of NNPC

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday, July 4, yielded to pressures from Northern oligarchies to drop Kachikwu, an oil expert from Delta in Southern Nigeria and replace him with Maikanti Baru, a former Group Executive Director of Exploration and Production of the NNPC from Bauchi State in North East zone of the country.

President of the group, Nelly Emma, who kicked against the sudden removal of Kachikwu, faulted the move of Buhari, saying the action of Buhari was unfair as it is not only a bad treatment to Kachikwu but to the people of the Niger Delta who own the oil that feeds the nation.

 The group raised the alarm early in April that Baru was desperate and was working round the clock to become GMD of the corporation, though its alarm was not heeded by Nigerians.

The group which expressed sadness over the development said Kachikwu was committed to transforming the oil sector but his sack has shown that Buhari is not committed to the ideals of Kachikwu in revamping the industry for better productivity.

The group accused the president of treating the South very unfairly, maintaining that his decision to sack Kachikwu was a blunder and an unfortunate one for the Niger Delta people. It said Buhari was more interested in his Northern agenda than the development of the various sectors of the nation.

It condemned Buhari for preferring his Northern agenda to the good changes Kachikwu had brought to the corporation. It described Baru as a person who does not mean well for the corporation, insisting that he is a spoiler who never liked reforms in NNPC but only interested in becoming GMD and promote Northern interest in the corporation.

The Niger Delta group raised questions over the ability of Baru to lead negotiations to calm frayed nerves of militants who have been bombing and destroying oil installations in the oil rich but impoverished Niger Delta.

 It said rather than Buhari honouring Kachikwu in his effort to save the oil industry, the president paid him with sack and replacing him with a Northerner who cannot liaise with the militants and end years of violence in the volatile region.

 President Muhammadu Buhari has been under fire from a wide spectrum of Nigerians who condemn his lopsided appointment into various government agencies and parastatals across the nation. Many Nigerians have seen his appointment as aimed at pursuing Northern agenda against the overall interest of the nation.

This has raised fears of his islamisation plot against the southern states of the nation. This is so because almost all strategic appointments in the nation are from the North, fueling accusations that he is positioning his people against the execution of islamisation agenda.

The Police Inspector General, Ibrahim Idris is from the North, the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, is from the North, the Comptrollers General of Customs, Prisons and Immigration are from the North, Minister of Defense is from the North, hence Nigerians are uncomfortable with the secret agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari. In his appointments, he has tactically placed his Muslim brothers in all the special and strategic offices and abandoned the South even the South West where his party leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, holds sway.

 As it is now, Tinubu seems powerless in the appointment and distribution of offices in the nation. Nigerians in the South East and South South have been relegated to second class citizens in the appointment and distribution of offices by Buhari.

Besides the ministerial appointment given to few south south and south east people, other strategic positions which are centres of policy implementations are headed by Northerners, his Muslim brothers. The recent sack of senior police officers and the army are majorly people from the south south and south east.

Nigerians therefore are of the view that Buhari has chosen to run Nigeria as a country of the North and not a one Nigeria. This may be a confirmation of his statement during his inauguration that he is for nobody, hence he has right to decide what and who should be appointed into any position without recourse to federal character system of the nation.

Source: naij

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