Jul 21, 2016

Ghanaian Movie Producers To Go On Demo To Demand For Their Levy Money

It is gather that a group of Ghanaian movie producers are planning to engage in protest in the nation’s capital if the government refuse to handed over their money to them which they have been expecting in the next 14 days.

Report had it that, The demonstration according to them is to demand from government of Ghana their accumulated blank levy money, which was collected for them by Customs from the points of entry on devices that are used to copy their works.

An anonymous movie producer complaining about the blank levy, said producers have run after the money for long but all their efforts nothing to write home about.

“It usually takes them two weeks or two months at most to get this money from government previously. Only God knows why this year it has taken over 8 months and still government has not released it.

Chasing this money has become an issue of telenovela twist and turn story telling from the Ministry of Finance. There is always one excuse after the other and promise of release dates which never materialized and excuses as to why it wasn’t released.”

Asked why the decision to demonstrate, the furious movie producer answered, “Now, it seems the only way out for them is a demonstration on the street or picketing on the premise of the Finance minister’s office. As we speak some are waiting for this money to pay their hospital bills.”

He added that movie producers who are poised to hit the streets for the demonstration have given government 2 weeks to release the cash.

“If within the next 14 days the money is not released by government, then we will have no option than to hit the streets.”

Source: zionfelix

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