Jun 7, 2016

Facebook Fraudster Babe Defraud Abuja Big Boy Loses Money, Laptop & Phones to Lady after Sex

A 28-year-old businessman in Abuja has been defrauded of his laptop, phones and unspecified amount of money by a babe he met on Facebook who also resides in Abuja.
The victim, a resident of Berger Camp in Phase 2, Site 1, was said to have met the lady on Facebook where they started online dating. According to City News, the lady decided to visit the guy in order to meet with him physically, having been chatting with him online for a few weeks.

She got to the guys house with a handbag containing some items, including a wrap of couscous. A source said that after a s*x romp with the guy, the lady prepared the pap which she had brought and immediately he took some from it, he became charmed.

“As soon as the man became dizzy, she took his laptop, phones and some cash sum and left the house,” the source added. It was that the man woke up moments later to discover that his Facebook lover had gone while he could not trace her whereabouts.

The DPO of Kubwa police station in Abuja, CSP Nuruddeen Sabo, said the case was reported. He added that the lady was still at large but “we are making efforts to track the woman…

Source: shandileo

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