Jun 17, 2016

Body of boy pulled under water by alligator at Disney resort found

The body of the missing 2-year-old boy has finally been located after an exhaustive search … and after analyzing the remains, cops believe the alligator drowned the child.

TMZ reports the name of the boy was also released … 2-year-old Lane Graves from Elkhorn, Nebraska — and his parents, Matt and Melissa.The Orange County sheriff said Lane’s body was located 10-15 yards from where he was pulled under water … in about 6 feet of water. They said the body is still intact.

A rep for Fish and Wildlife said they will run forensics on the 5 gators they’ve pulled out of the Seven Seas Lagoon to determine if one of them is responsible for the child’s death. They said if they can’t find a match … they’ll continue searching for the culprit.

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