May 15, 2016

Suicide Attempt: Woman Jumps into Front of a Moving Train With Her Children in Ukraine (Video)

A woman who was obviously not a big fan of being alive anymore, has tried killing both herself and her kids in a most terrifying manner.

A video footage has emerged that shows the terrifying moment a mother jumped in front of a train holding her two children in her arms. The CCTV film shows the mum and her kids, reported to be aged five and 12, heading onto the train concourse.

The family made their way down the stairs and through the station. Seconds later, their grainy image can be seen standing at the edge of the platform.

Suddenly, the woman’s figure can be seen jumping into the path of an oncoming train. Their bodies can be seen on the floor of the tracks before the train comes over them.

The incident happened at the Kharkiv metro station in Kharkov, Ukraine. Both the mother and the two children survived, local media reported.

Watch the video below:

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