May 5, 2016

Shocking!!! N*ked Woman Appears on Camera While Reporting at ‘N*de Dining Event’ (Video)

Television reporters who were reporting live didn’t expect what came at them during the process and taken aback.
This is the jaw-dropping moment TV reporters were forced to apologise after a n*ked woman appeared on camera… as they reported at a N*DE dining event.

Although it was a n*de event, they didn’t plan for the woman to just walk in like that and therefore had to make an apology.

The n*ked woman strolled in front of the camera as reporters for Story – a New Zealand current affairs programme – presented the show live from the bizarre and quirky event.
A waitress walked in front of the camera and exposed her private parts, and because it was a live broadcast there was no time for blurring.

Duncan Garner, the show’s co-host, said: “I can’t believe what I just saw.”
Co-host Kim Vinnell apologised too, adding: “This can go so wrong in so many different ways”.
Reporters admitted they were “a bit worried” about the segment given the subject matter, but pressed ahead anyway. And viewers expressed their shock at the incident on Facebook.

One wrote: “Thanks story, my kids just seen things they didn’t wish to see…and I didn’t wish to explain just yet… bravo!”

Producers of the show apologised once again in a statement this morning. The statement read: “If you saw last night’s show we’d like to say we’re very sorry the shot in the broadcast from the Hamilton cafe revealed more than we intended.”

Watch the video below: 18+ pls

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