May 2, 2016

Parents Miss Cruise Ship With Their Two kids Still on Board

A video which showed a mother crying and distraught over being left at the port while her kids were on board was posted on YouTube and has since gone viral. The dramatic footage recorded by passengers of the Norwegian Breakaway on April 21 showed parents racing to catch the ship as it left the Bahamas on its three-day journey back to its home port in New York, with their kids still on board. Her kids were a 12 year old girl and a 9 year old boy.

YouTube user Scott Thomas captured scenes of the mother on her knees as the ship’s passengers helplessly looked on. “You see that right there… that is someone who has missed the boat,” Thomas can be heard saying in the video. “That right there is not cool. The mother could be heard screaming..’my kids are on there!’ “

The Daily Mail says the ship dropped passengers off at the port in Nassau so that they could explore but they were all given a set time to return to the ship. The mother decided to explore while the husband and kids remained in the ship.

Well the mother was late getting to the port and her husband got off the boat to look for her. During that time, the ship went against protocol and waited an additional half an hour for the couple.
The captain discovered that the kids had relatives travelling with them on the ship. They told the relatives that they had to leave and asked if they could take responsibility of taking the kids back home and the relatives agreed.

In a statement to The Daily Mail, Norweigan Cruise Line said, “it was decided that the husband would disembark with their travel documents and wait for his wife while the children would stay with their uncle and his family on the ship for the remainder of the voyage.”
The company said it offered to pay for the couple’s travel and lodging and even arranged for them to reunite with their kids in New York.