Jun 1, 2016


 If you are reading this, you are just on the right track to a good earnings via networking.
>>When you register with #1000/$5, you become number 1 of your matrix.

>>What the company request from you is to refer just two people (min), who also understand the business like you and is ready to invest the #1000.

 Your first referred fellow is number two of the matrix which means he is your first downline, who will appear at the left side of the matrix. Your second referred fellow becomes the third person of your matrix, hence your second downline. At this junction your business is set and running.

>> Your referred fellows also does the same thing of referring two people each. This means you now have a total number of 7(including you) people in your matrix and equally means you have 6downlines(excluding you). Having this 6downlines moves you to STAGE 2.

**Note: The stage one is called feeder matrix, you don't earn in this stage, you only build your business foundation. This is a 2X2 matrix (meaning two direct people under you X two levels)
>> You being in stage 2, immediately your first downline joins you in stage two (which means he/she has also finished the stage one) you earn $2.5/#500. When your second downline also join you in stage 2 you earn $2.5/#500 meaning a total sum of $5/#1000 for the two. This earning continues as your downlines join you in stage 2. When all your 6downlines join you in stage 2, too earn a total of #3000.

***NOTE: This stage is called deputy manager and it is a 2X6 matrix [meaning two(from stage 1) place under you X 6 levels]. Take note that all the people that form your total 126 people in this stage are from your downline. At the level 5( 62 downline) of this stage you earn A TABLET and completing this stage earns you $255/#51000( we exchange $1=#200). Also note that we pay into local bank account every Thursday. Your earnings are save in a e-wallet account for your security reasons.

>>> Stage 3 is the mind blowing stage, it is called MANAGER stage, your downlines from stage 2 form your manager stage as each of them complete their deputy manager stage, they join you in stage 3.
***NOTE: you earn $9200/#1840000 and also $1000 children allowance and $1000 travelling allowance. And you also wins a BRAND NEW KIA RIO car 2016 model. #gbam#. This is also 2X6 matrix.
>>>Stage 4 this is the last stage it is 2X3 matrix. Completing this stage earns you a live time secured finance. You earn $23000/4600000 and lots of allowance ranging from project, children, travelling allowances, WHAO! and you also get a BRAND NEW HYUNDAI JEEP 2016 model.

***NOTE: What earn you all these was just a one time sacrifice/risk of entrepreneur worth just #1000. Hmmm. All of us as two people that can sacrifice #1000 as an entrepreneur. Life is a risk, take the risk. We can't just sit down and fold out arms and opportunities elude us, THAT IS WHAT I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN.

To register simply go to; https://www.globalhelpersalliance.com click join us filled in your details. ***NOTE: In sponsored box put innobiz2020 which is me. thanks!

 Join me in this million race. For more information and to get registered
Call or whatsapp: +234(0)8063468360
e-mail: gomezdonald56@yahoo.com
Facebook: Giwa Alaba Innocent
Twitter: @innobiz2323

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