May 22, 2016

Amazing!!! Woman Gives Birth To Triplet After 19yrs Of Marriage

God of second chance has proof Himself again. He did it before and He has done it again and again. And He will continue to do it!

Life is beautiful when you live with God and focus in His promise, there are many issues that could tempt your to compromise your faith but staying strong is the right thing to do even when the going is tough and rough, because your victory is sure. The parent of this triplet are so so happy as their waiting on the Lord has produced a marvelous result:

“We looked up straight to heaven for 19 years and three angels sent from up above for us to love, to hold and rock and kiss good night, to wrap our arms real tight and keep them safe and warm while counting their toes, stay believing we did now have 3 angels sent from up above.”

The wonderful triplet are two girls and a boy. Is God not awesome?

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