Apr 13, 2016

5 awesome Google Features You Aren’t Using

Here are 5 great Google features that many users are not taking advantage of.
Google is known for its search engine, with information on any topic only a few keystrokes and clicks away.

But many users are not aware that it does more than answer questions like: “What happens if I put metal in the microwave?”

The company has built many cool features into its search engine, as detailed by aQuora thread on the topic.

The list below details five cool Google features available to users, and one bonus game feature.

Type “timer” and the amount of time you want to count down from into the Google search bar, and you have an in-browser clock ticking away.

Build with Chrome
Build with Chrome lets you “build something awesome” out of Lego in your browser.

Number Speaker
Take a number you are unsure how to pronounce, and type it into Google followed by “=english”. This gives you the written version of the number.

Google Sky

Type “www.google.com/sky” into your address bar to navigate the universe in your browser.

You can also type in “/moon”, or “/mars” to see our moon and the Red Planet in detail.

Google Image search “Atari Breakout”, and play an in-browser game.

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