Dec 23, 2015

Meet Selena Gomez’s Very Cinematic, Twisty ‘Hands to Myself’ Music

Selena Gomez has unveiled her sultry new video for “Hands to Myself,” the latest single off the singer’s new LP Revival.

“Hands to Myself” finds Gomez in the role of an actor’s crazy ex as she roams through her former flame’s penthouse apartment while he’s out, rummaging through his closet and watching his television until she finally passes out in his bed.

When her ex comes home and realizes something’s amiss, the police are called and the stalking Gomez is arrested… only for the camera to zoom out and reveal that the “Hands to Myself” action was a movie starring her and her man, and the two are actually happily together in (the video’s) reality.

“Sorry for snooping, Chris,” Gomez tweeted after the video dropped, referring to her video boyfriend, model Christopher Mason.

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