Nov 24, 2015

See PHOTOs: Inside Mali Siege Hotel

 A picture of a peace symbol superimposed on an outline map of Mali hangs in the hotel lobby.
Malian special forces stormed the 190-room Radisson Blu Hotel in the capital, Bamako, where suspected Islamist gunmen had trapped scores of guests and staff. Here is the scene after the siege ended:
 Bullet holes can be seen on the wall of a stairwell. Malian special forces went room to room looking for the gunmen.
 There were 140 guests when the gunmen attacked. Some appear to have been holed up in their rooms as the militants took control of the hotel.

One hostage who survived the attack spoke of the professionalism of the Malian soldiers. They told him to stay in his room and then came to get him when they were sure the floor of the hotel was clear. 
 A television was left on - perhaps hostages were trying to follow events on a news channel.

Nineteen people were killed during the siege and two attackers also died. Bullet casings were later collected and put inside a blue helmet.
After the siege ended, investigators searched the hotel to try and figure out more about what exactly happened.

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