Nov 3, 2015

A Woman Undergoes Breast Reduction Surgery After A Hormonal Condition Made Her Boob's Grow To 36NNN

An uncommon hormonal condition made her balloon’s (breast) grow to 36NNN.

A 40-year-old high school social worker from Beaumont, Texas, Kerisha Mark, told The Washington Post that her already-large chest ballooned to size 36NNN due to a rare hormonal condition called Gigantomastia, characterized by excessive breast growth (usually over 3.3 pounds per breast). While it’s not clear what triggered Mark’s condition in her mid-30s, it's was said that puberty or pregnancy can bring about Gigantomastia.

The 40-year-old Kerisha Mark, has 15lbs of tissue removed after hormonal condition causes her bust to balloon. Though many woman long for a bigger breast but not for Kerisha Mark.

Needless to say, it can be pretty uncomfortable. Mark said she experienced sharp, debilitating chest pains she thought were heart attacks, and migraines that she feared were brain tumors. And it’s no surprise that breasts this large can ultimately mess with your posture — left untreated, it can actually leave you as a hunchback.

 Recently, Mark saw one of Houston's most renowned plastic surgeons named Franklin Rose, to discuss breast reduction surgery. “Merely looking at the breasts, it's like hunging down two blown ballons to her hips and were essentially like carrying it around  all the times and they were so large,” She narrate to the source her experience, “When we went into the exam room — I don’t know how to explain how the people felt. If I may use this word ‘shocking,’ but it was certainly more than a shock! staring at a Giganticbreasts breast of that magnitude.” Huh!

Though she has undergone the surgical Operations successfully now. And she is now feeling better, Mark’s symptoms has gone, That is great! She can now  exercise herself and shop for a better close that can fit her.

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