Aug 4, 2015

Adam Lambert shuts down radio host over ‘silly’ gay jibe

Adam Lambert shuts down radio host over ‘silly’ gay jibe

Adam Lambert shut down an Australian radio host for perpetuating gay stereotypes.
While Lambert promoted his new album, The Original High, on a breakfast radio show Friday (31 July), co-host Jackie O suggested that the Ghost Town singer date The Voice Australia judge Ricky Martin – because they’re both single and gay.

But Lambert wasn’t having any of it.

‘Don’t do that, you’re not allowed to do that,’ he said. ‘That’s so silly… “Oh a gay guy and another gay guy, oh you must date,” come on.’

‘No, there’s more to it than that,’ O insisted.

‘Is there?’ Lambert asked skeptically.

‘You’re both in the industry, you both understand each other’s schedule, you’re both hot… it would work,’ O said.

‘Well, that’s very sweet,’ Lambert replied insincerely.

The singer then lambasted Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott for his anti-gay marriage stance.

‘Come on dude, get with the picture,’ he said.

‘I’m sure it will happen. I’ve always thought of Australia as such a progressive place, so liberal.

‘The attitudes here from what I have experienced towards anybody who’s alternative with their sexuality or lifestyle seems pretty open. So I’m sure it will come around soon.’

But Lambert didn’t stay upset for long. After the show, he tweeted:

I had such a lovely time at the show this morning! @kyleandjackieo
— ADAM LAMBERT (@adamlambert) July 31, 2015

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