Apr 2, 2014


In the mercy of star time and season are very fundamental. In the rising of star time and season are very vital. For everything under the sun there is time and season, a season of every purpose under heaven. 

Time to plant and time for harvest. You need the understanding of time to really take command of your destiny. When you lack the understanding of time you will plant any how only to discover that you only invest you time wrongly. 

So timely discovering for striking accomplishment is very important in life. Not every runner end up a prize winner! Therefore so run that you may be a prize winner. An enlistment season once lost can never be recovered. 

Almost every celebrity in the raise of life know where they belong on time and stop there. We are in the generation of the youth, once you are seventy (17) years upward and still thinking that you are a child, you are “kidding and you may end up in the kidding”.

 It is so important to know that timely discovering is the only security of your destiny. John Dell of Dell corporation became president of that corporation at the age of 19 yrs and retire at the age of 40 years. Many legend has always rise on time. They are early riser!

That is why your packaging must be visionary. You must have a visionary packaging. We are in a raise, we are not in a front. The earlier you enlist in a raise, the greater the possibility of your life. Stop living wrong you don’t have a spare life.

 Normal Vincent peel became minister at the age of 18 years old. Every star in every generation are early riser. 

Life is a business! You are either making loss or making profit. Life without a right caring is a burden. Being an early riser will help you to know where you are going and keep going there. 

To be an early riser you must have a passion. What is the talent inherent in you?  It is your quality of your investment that determine you height of your accomplishment. 

The earlier you begin your investment, the richer your life will be. Between the commencement of dream and the actualization of dream in the life of Joseph was 13 years. 

Whatever you are doing trying to be there with full length and you will have a full scale. Be humble, because time and season that make star. You cannot know where you are going and not packaging yourself to getting there. 

When you have a vision, you must have endurance. And have discipline to maintain yourself to get there. Time is running out so wake up and make yourself count. 

Not what to for sell but about what to impact. What to give, and not what to take, what to add, not what to retain. You must have focus, you must have endurance in spite of all difficulties. Be a great riser and have a great courage to get there. 

Destiny is about fulfilling your mission. ‘It is your contribution that will anoint you, not your position or your title’. Stay long and stay strong!

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